SHEILA – Unlocking the treatment for PKU

(Published by Brewin Books)

By Anne Green

In 1951, at two years of age, Sheila Jones was diagnosed with Phenylketonuria (PKU). With no treatment available, Sheila’s mother Mary persevered until she obtained help from three pioneering doctors at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. They worked tirelessly to prepare a special formula for Sheila making her the first person in the world to receive dietary treatment for PKU.

In this new book to be published in October 2020 Anne tells the remarkable story of Sheila and her important legacy – the introduction of newborn screening and worldwide treatment for PKU.

‘ In 1971, twenty years after Sheila was diagnosed, newly qualified junior biochemist, Anne Green, began her scientific career at the same hospital where Sheila was first treated. Since then Anne’s career and Sheila’s story intertwined which led to Anne’s desire to find out more about Sheila’s life with her brothers and her courageous and tenacious mother. This book is the fulfilment of a career-long interest in PKU and newborn screening’.

How to order the book

Published by Brewin Books ISBN 978-1-85858-714-1
Publication Date:  16th October 2020
Cost £12.95 excluding any postage and packing costs

The book is available to pre-order, worldwide via Brewin Books ( and will also shortly be available at .

To listen to Anne chatting about the book there is a podcast on YouTube: