E.S.PKU Projects

Learn more about the completed and ongoing projects of E.S.PKU

Benchmark Report Identifying gaps in care for Phenylketonuria across Europe.
Consensus Paper E.S.PKU delegates publication for the need for common guidelines in Europe!
European Guidelines PKU experts working on the first European Guidelines for Phenylketonuria.

E.S.PKU Conference 2024

Learn more about the upcoming E.S.PKU Conference

International PKU Day Happening on June 28th to raise awareness for Phenylketonuria.
Advocacy Toolkit Helping E.S.PKU member countries achieve their goals with more efficiency!
E.S.PKU Travel Passport A document that helps PKU travel with their products and amino acid mixtures.
Sheila Jones Award The sheila Jones Award is the first patient advocate award, launched in 2018.

Cross Party Allianace

European Parliament Cross-Party Alliance on PKU.