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E.S.PKU is hosting a conference every year. Hosted by one of it’s member countries it’s the largest event of the year combining three different perspectives: patients, organizations and professionals. Everybody is subject to an individual program. Companies are holing an exebition in order to let everybody explore the newest products.

Watch the video of the 2016 conference in order to get a picture what the conference is like. Also continue reading to get more information!

The E.S.PKU conference offers the possibility to meet other patients and parents from all around the globe. Beside this unique opportunity there are lectures by the most engaged professionals about current treatments and future possibilities. If that isn’t even enough there is also the possibility to test products from a large number of exhibitors.
The E.S.PKU has 33 member organizations. One of the two meetings taking place every year is the annual conference. There important topics that have come up are discussed as well as the agreed projects are followed up. Of course there is also the annual general meeting as E.S.PKU is a legal organization.
The E.S.PKU conference offers the great opportunity to come together and meet other interested peers in the field of metabolic disorders, discussing about the latest developments in Phenylketonuria. Professionals are joining from all over the world in this one-of-a-kind event every year. Of course you are also welcome as a speaker of the conference!

Frequently Asked Questions

Costs for the E.S.PKU conference vary slightly from year to year. This is due to the unique way that the conferences are hosted. Every year another member organization of E.S.PKU is hosting this event. Due to local factors prices vary. To get the exact numbers please consult the dedicated page for the conference. We are publishing information as soon as it’s available.
E.S.PKU is actively publishing information as it’s getting available. If you have any further question please consult the dedicated conference page and use the provided contact details of the local organizer. If you have questions you think only E.S.PKU can answer feel free to contact us as well.
If you are a professional than you need to contact the E.S.PKU scientific advisory committee. They are responsible for the sessions allowing you to present your paper. If you are a representative please contact the E.S.PKU secretary.
Hosting a conference is permitted only to our member organizations. In order to host a conference a member country approached the E.S.PKU board. The decision is based on a voting at the annual general meeting of the E.S.PKU.
Of course it is possible to become a sponsor of an E.S.PKU conference. As sponsoring is handled by the E.S.PKU we kindly ask you to get in contact with us to discuss further steps. Please provide information about your company and contact details.
The E.S.PKU conference is targeting three groups of audiences: Patients and their families, professionals and of course delegates of local organizations. There is a thought-through program for each of those groups. The prices are kept as low as possible allowing both full accommodation as well as the conference fee included in one price. You might also want to watch the video of the past year.

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