E.S.PKU Travel Passport

The Story

The E.S.PKU travel passport was an idea that sparked at one of the E.S.PKU adult meetings. From the initial ideas there a passport-like product was created.The main objective of this document is to make traveling with PKU easier.

This document offers the possibility for doctors to easily provide information about the currently used FSMP (Food for Special Medical Purposes) or medication. Also included is a description for each of the following diseases: Phenylketonuria, Maple syrup urine disease, Tyrosineaemia, Homocystinuria, Glutaric Aciduria, Isovaleric acidamea, Methylamonic acidaemia / Proprionic acidaemia. This information is provided in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Turkish and Russian.

Getting a Copy

This document is provided by the E.S.PKU to it’s member organization. If you are interested in getting your own copy, please contact your local organization. If they aren’t member of E.S.PKU yet, we are always happy to get new applications!

The travel passport is provided be E.S.PKU to it’s member organizations free of charge. You can easily find our member organizations by visiting our weblinks. Due to logistics E.S.PKU cannot provide the travel passport directly!