ESPKU calls for new born screening for every new born worldwide!

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At the occasion of International #PKUDay 2018, ESPKU calls to implement and maintain newborn screening for all newborns around the world! 1) Agata Bak, Spain2) Duncan Noble-Nesbitt, United Kingdom3) Sanja Peric, Croatia4) Kate Hall (ISNS), UK 5) Laura Momme, Denmark6) Malgorzata Henek, Poland7) Paul van Berkel, The Netherlands8) Tobias S. Hagedorn, Germany

PKUDay 2018

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International PKU Day is taking place on June 28th. This year once again marks a special year for this important day for Phenylketonuria.  It’s time to celebrate 100th birthday of Horst Bickel. As one of the grounding farther for the PKU diet the E.S.PKU has published the report “The three landmarks of phenylketonuria” once again. You can find it on the official PKUDay website: Of course you are very keen to learn more about your plans for International PKU Day. Getting it online on the PKUDay website will increase the attention for it – it’s easy – just contact the …

PKUDay 2017

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International PKU Day 2017 is coming up June 28th. If you have planned any activity on or around PKU Day, please let us know on so we can share the event on the official PKU Day website. You can provide us with an description, image, link and location for your event. It would be great to receive information on your plans soon so we can raise interest in sharing them early! You can download the PKU Day Logo on the PKUDay Website and use it to promote your event. Also if you have questions you can contact us at …