33rd E.S.PKU Conference 2019

October 31st to November 3rd in Izmir, Turkey

Last Updated: November  3rd


Conference Location & Date

Swisshotel in Izmir, Turkey will be the conference location for the 2019 conference. Learn more about the hotel here: http://www.swissotel.com/hotels/izmir/

The confernece will take place from Thursday, October 31st to Sunday, November 3rd . 


More information and videos will be released within the next weeks!

Conference Feedback

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Program Highlights

Long-term outcome of maternal PKU / breastfeeding in PKU

Microbiotica in PKU:  why is it important? How do we interpret data

Home monitoring and future treatment in PKU: talks by companies


Family Approach for pku child rearing

Patient rlghts and UN humanity bill of rights & invisible disability

TYR Patient story and new organisation

Calculating phe in social life


From mice to pig to human


Sepiapterin instead of Sapropterin: what are the advantages, what are the expectations


Growth in PKU: a systematic review and results of a longitudinal study


White paper : Transition

Consensus Paper 2.0

FSMP / labelling / EU v Non-EU

How to support new therapies

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