Last Updated: August 10th 2018

32nd E.S.PKU Conference 2018

  • Date - November 2018

    The E.S.PKU Conference 2018 will take place from November 1st to November 4th

  • Location - Venice, Italy

    The conference will take place at Hotel NH Venezia Laguna Palace

  • More to follow

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Program Highlights


Sheila Jones Award Ceremoy

Be part of the first Sheila Jones Award ceremony live at the E.S.PKU conference 2018. We are honored to give this award to one dedicated patient advocat from the many nomiations we have received. Do you want to learn more about the award? You can do so here.

Common programme for all attendees

Care for PKU in Italy: Prof Alberto Burlina
Liver transplantation in MSUD : can it be done for PKU ? Rene Santer
Adult PKU patients: Alessandro Burlina
What is the neuropsychological outcome of our PKU adults ?: L.Palermo
The elderly brain of PKU patients: what should be expected?: Andrea Pilotto
PKU and sports Julio Rocha
PKU: effects of GMP: Anne Daly

Programme for patients and their families

Growing up with PKU in Turkey: Lal Atakay
Results of the biggest ever PKU survey- UK: Susan Ford progress

Programme for ESPKU member’s delegates

Country update: What has been achieved since 2016?
Health Technology Assessment:- why payers are keen to use it; what is a disease model; what is discounting: E Jessup
Transition: development of a white paper
ESPKU All Party Parliamentary Group
ESPKU General Meeting

Programme for Professionals

New diagnostic work-up for infants with positive heelpuncture for phenylalanine: Nenad Blau
Phenylalanine measurement: can we do better? C.Meli (a paper measuring phe in urine)
Adult PKU patients’ outcome: Francois Maillot
Different methods to test neuropsychological outcome in PKU patients: Rianne Jahja
Adult PKU brain: what should be expected? Andrea Pilotto
What is the real cause of PKU brain dysfunction: van Vliet

This programme overview is preliminary and subject to change

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