European Guidelines

The E.S.PKU is dedicated to continue it’s plan that was launched a couple of years ago. This started of with the Benchmark Report and continued with the Consensus Paper.

With the help of sponsors E.S.PKU has enabled professionals in Europe to work on guidelines that incorporate the need for a more unified treatment in Europe.

First statements have been presented at the annual conference in Berlin, Germany. Publication of the Guidelines is a difficult project. First there will be a short version published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology. A full version of the Guidelines (containing all statements) is planned to be released later as well as a translation into layman language.

Publication of the Guidelines is only the first step with many more to follow. Guidelines don’t help if the don’t get implemented in each country. This is why this is the focus of the near future of ESPKU. Follow us to learn more!

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