ESPKU calls for new born screening for every new born worldwide!

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At the occasion of International #PKUDay 2018, ESPKU calls to implement and maintain newborn screening for all newborns around the world! 1) Agata Bak, Spain2) Duncan Noble-Nesbitt, United Kingdom3) Sanja Peric, Croatia4) Kate Hall (ISNS), UK 5) Laura Momme, Denmark6) Malgorzata Henek, Poland7) Paul van Berkel, The Netherlands8) Tobias S. Hagedorn, Germany

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Announcing: Sheila Jones Award

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E.S.PKU is very happy to announce the launch of the “Sheila Jones Award”. It’s the first time there is a patient advocate award in the field of PKU and it will be presented at this years annual E.S.PKU conference. If you are interested to learn more about the award and how to submit your entry follow this link: Sheila Jones Award Watch this video for a brief introduction to the award:

Application deadline for hosting the 2018 ESPKU Annual Conference expired (Updated)

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Following the decision of the 2017 ESPKU General Meeting in Hell (Norway), the ESPKU legal members had the opportunity to apply for hosting the 2018 ESPKU Annual Conference until October 31st, 2017. Several applications and proposals have been submitted and will now be evaluated by the ESPKU Executive Board. The final decision will be announced before December 1st, 2017. After careful deliberation the ESPKU Board have awarded the 2018 Conference to Italy. Further details on location and date to follow

Situation of refugee rare metabolic disorder patients (Updated)

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According to UNHCR data, currently there are more than 65.000.000 people fleeing from war, conflicts and persecution, as much as never before in history. About 20.000.000 people left their native countries and seek shelter abroad, most of them in Europe. It is a matter of fact that there are a significant number of people amongst these refugees, who suffer from any diagnosed or even undiagnosed rare disease, such as Phenylketonuria (PKU) or other treatable metabolic disorders. All signatory states of the Convention of the United Nations on the rights of persons with disabilities are committed “to take all necessary measures …

European PKU Guidelines Published

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With their benchmark report in 2012, the European patient organization E.S.PKU has identified significant inconsistencies in PKU treatment and access to care in Europe, and called for uniform guidelines. Coordinated by the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the E.S.PKU, since then a group of renowned metabolic experts independently developed 70 statements based on available evidence and taking into account nearly 500 scientific publications. Prof. van Spronsen stated: “Remaining within national frameworks is now outdated practice.” At the beginning of 2017 the ten key statements of the European guidelines were already published in Lancet Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism. With …

Introducing the “Global PKU Association”

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The European Society for Phenylketonuria and Allied Disorders Treated as Phenylketonuria (E.S.PKU) is proud to announce to be part of the foundation of the “Global PKU Association”. You will find further information, like the mission statement in the attachment. As the foundation of this new organization is still in the early phases information will be published over time. For now enjoy reading the official statement below. Global PKU announcement August 1, 2017

PKUDay 2017

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International PKU Day 2017 is coming up June 28th. If you have planned any activity on or around PKU Day, please let us know on so we can share the event on the official PKU Day website. You can provide us with an description, image, link and location for your event. It would be great to receive information on your plans soon so we can raise interest in sharing them early! You can download the PKU Day Logo on the PKUDay Website and use it to promote your event. Also if you have questions you can contact us at …

Social media discussion about MipSalus

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Recently, a publication on about a new treatment in development for Phenylketonuria by Danish biotech company MipSalus, raised considerable discussion on social media. It was suggested that this treatment has already been approved in Europe and awaiting approval in the US. The ESPKU have contacted the CEO of MipSalus for clarification. The statement was published without approval and not accurate. For further information please visit E.S.PKU has been active to gather information on recent social media topics for you. If you have found something PKU-related that you need clarified, feel free to contact us, we will take care of …

European Guidelines for Phenylketonuria Published

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The European Society for Phenylketonuria and Allied Disorders Treated as Phenylketonuria (E.S.PKU) is very happy to announce that the European Guidelines for Phenylketonuria have been published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology. Getting to this point has taken many years of preparation. First in the line was the publication of Closing Gaps in Care. This showed the great need for European Guidelines. Treatment for Phenylketonuria is very different in Europe although it’s always the same disease. After the publication of Closing Gaps in Care the delegates of the E.S.PKU published the Consensus Paper in Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases. This voices the patients need …

PKU Day Website launched

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We are happy to announce the launch of the new website. PKU Day is coming up June 28th. For this year we have planned some special events and hope that everybody will take part in. Spreading the word about Phenylketonuria (PKU) is important. International PKU Day gives us the chance to promote PKU and make it known better. Please help by sharing the website and social media accounts of International PKU Day. The biggest event for this year will be the “Robert Guthrie Memorial Dinner”. Read all about it on the PKUDay Website.